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Deputies locate missing person after vehicle collision


On 10-3-21 at Wagoner Deputies investigated an endangered missing person south of the Coweta area. Victim's daughter reported that on 10-2-21, at 8:30 pm, her father left the home to go to the Coweta Dollar store but failed to return. Victim was very worried and concerned about the well being of her father. Victim notified the Sheriff's Office the following day at 1:17pm and reported her father missing.
Wagoner County Deputy Bill Sieg investigated and immediately determined that the victim was missing and believed the victim could be in an endangered state. Deputy Bill Seig, along with other Wagoner County deputies and members of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol immediately coordinated a search along the route of where the victim would have taken to go to the Coweta Dollar Store.
On 10-3-21 at 4:20 pm and after multi agency search for the victim. the victim was located in a very endangered state. It was determined that the victim had been involved in a single car collision, exited the roadway, and impacted a tree well off the roadway in the area of Highway 51 B and E. 171st St. Deputy Sieg, utilizing binoculars located an object in a tree line well off the traveled portion of the roadway. Closer investigation revealed that the object was a wrecked vehicle. Deputy Sieg jumped a fence and ran to the vehicle and discovered the victim pinned in his vehicle. Deputy Sieg and Trooper Dooley extricated the victim from the vehicle and called for an ambulance. It was later determined that the victim had pinned in the vehicle in excess of 14 hours.
Sheriff Chris Elliott stated, " I'm so proud of Deputy Bill Sieg. His tenacity and expert abilities saved a life today." I'm also very happy how the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office is quick to partner with other law enforcement agencies to serve the public". Great job to all!
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