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Badges & Paws Program

In Wagoner County, our Sheriff's Office frequently responds to calls about abused and neglected animals. Our deputies are well-trained in the legalities of animal rescue, ensuring that perpetrators are held accountable. However, we've recognized a crucial gap in the process — caring for these animals from the moment they are rescued until they find forever homes. The Badges & Paws program is designed to bridge this gap, providing compassionate care and support to these animals, ensuring they recover and thrive in loving homes.
Join us in making a difference — your support as a volunteer, foster, or donor is vital.

How It Works

Badges & Paws partners the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office with Citizens, Businesses, Veterinarians, and Animal Rescue organizations to provide immediate, safe, quality care for abused and neglected animals.

The Wagoner County Sheriff's Office has setup an account for donations. Donations accepted go towards veterinarian services and other legitimate needs of the animals rescued or seized by the sheriff's office. Donations are tax deductible.

We have also set up a drop-off location, at the Sheriff's Office, for donated items including food, medical supplies, food bowls, bedding, etc.

Want to help?

A Badges & Paws amazon Wishlist has been created for donations.

Cash donations are always appreciated.

Get Involved!

CITIZEN FOSTER(S) - Citizens are encouraged to apply to become a temporary foster to house rescued animals until they can be legally placed. Citizen Fosters will be required to pass an inspection of their facilities to house whatever type of animals they agree to foster. i.e., dogs, cats, cows, horses, etc. Citizen Fosters will also agree to spot inspections/visits from the sheriff's office during the period they are fostering.

When submitting your application, we request that you send photographs of the facility that will be utilized to foster any animals. Citizen Fosters house and care for animals until a rescue organization can take the animal(s) into their facility and move forward with the adoption process.

Citizen Fosters are required to complete both the application and the hold harmless agreement.

CITIZEN FACILITATOR(S) - Apply to be a facilitator which are volunteers who work directly with the Sheriff's Office, Rescue Organizations, and Citizen Fosters to coordinate the animals' care. Facilitators are the frontline contacts from law enforcement through the legal process of seizing animals.

People love animals. With the Sheriff's Office as the organizing entity, we envision robust community input and participation to make Badges & Paws the success our animals need and deserve. If you are an area business, rescue organization, local veterinarian, or anyone that can assist us with this program, we encourage you to reach out to help us make this a tremendous success.

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