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Wagoner County DEQ Deputy continues maintenance of Ft. Gibson WMA Toppers Gun Range


On 11-09-2020 Wagoner County DEQ Deputy J. Burk took two Wagoner County Inmates to the Ft. Gibson WMA Toppers Gun Range for maintenance. It appears that some individuals are picking up what trash they brought out, but inmates still picked up 5 bags of trash that was left behind. Please remember to take out the material that you bring in.
If you currently reside in Wagoner County District # 2 you may dump some items in the Wagoner County District # 2 dumpster on Southwest 15th street in Wagoner. You can only dump materials at this location in you live in district # 2, not in the City Limits of Wagoner. YOU MUST CHECK IN WITH THE OFFICE before dumping any materials. The Wagoner County District # 2 Dumpster is available from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. The list of banned materials are as follows: Tree Limbs or leaves, Concrete, Lumber, Paint, Batteries, or Chemicals. You MAY dump Tires BESIDES the dumpster, not inside the dumpster.
If you observe illegal dumping, you can contact the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office at 918-485-3124 to report the information. Additionally, you can submit a crime tip online at the following link:
Crime Tip Hotline
Submit Via Email