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Suspect arrested on felony warrants, threatens to kill deputies


05-06-2020 Wagoner County Deputies J. Carey, K. Phillips, and Coweta Police Officers served an arrest warrant in the area of East 171stand South 209th Street. The suspect, identified as Tommy Langston of Coweta, Oklahoma had an outstanding felony warrant through Wagoner County for Kidnapping, Domestic Assault and Battery, and other charges.
Upon arriving in the area, Deputies and Officers discovered the suspect waiting for a ride outside. A Deputy used his patrol car PA System to give the suspect orders to comply with law enforcement. With some resistance Langston eventually complied and dropped to his knees and surrendered. Deputy Phillips took the suspect into custody and advised him of his outstanding warrants. As the suspect was walked back to the patrol car, he actively tried to pull away from deputies multiple times and had to be asked to keep walking.
Once Langston was in Deputy Carey's patrol car, he started to become agitated and shout obscenities. Langston became enraged and started slamming his body up the vehicle door and window. While in transport to the Wagoner County Detention Center, Langston made statements to the Deputy that "it was a good thing that he did not have his gun, or he would have killed every one of them." After additional threatening statements he asked the Deputy for "the name of the N***** cop that put handcuffs on him because he was going to hunt him down and kill him." The suspect, Langton continued, "I hope that n***** cop is the one that opens the door because I'm going to kill him."
Langston made several comments about as soon as he gets out, he is going to harm other individuals that had him locked him up. He was booked into the Wagoner County Detention Center on the outstanding felony warrant and charged with the following additional charges: Assault on a Police Officer and Plan, Attempt, or Conspire to perform act of violence. Additionally, the Arkansas State Board of Parole has placed a hold on the suspect. He is currently being held in Wagoner County with no Bond
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