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2 arrested on Drug Trafficking charges


Wagoner County Sheriff's Office and Wagoner Police Department arrest 2 on trafficking charges

On 03-16-2020 1600 hours, Wagoner County Deputies were requested to assist the Wagoner Police Department Narcotics Trafficking Sting near the Walmart in Wagoner.  Deputies A. Torix and K-9 M. Lott assisted Wagoner Police with the operation.  

Wagoner Police received information that 2 suspects would be arriving soon to transfer narcotics to another person.  A short time later Deputies and Officers observed the suspect vehicle with 2 male subjects enter the McDonalds Parking lot and park.  Upon identifying the suspects, Law Enforcement moved in and took the suspects into custody. 

Wagoner County K-9 Deputy Lott and his K-9 Edo performed a search upon the vehicle and discovered many paraphernalia items.  The suspects, identified as Jake Roman and Kason Ross, were both arrested and transported to the Wagoner Police Department.  K-9 Deputy Lott and Office McFarland transported Jake Roman to the Police Department, where it was discovered that he had hidden narcotics on his person.  As Deputies and Officers completed the booking process, it was discovered that Roman had place a bag of narcotics up his rectum.  The bag was retrieved and placed into evidence.  The bag that was retrieved contained 30 grams of Methamphetamine. 

Upon completing the booking process, both suspects were transferred to the Wagoner County Detention Center.  Jake Roman and Kason Ross were both charged with Possession of Paraphernalia and Trafficking Amphetamine or Methamphetamine 20 Grams or More.  They are both being held on a 50,000 Bond.

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