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Deputies arrest shooting suspect


On 01-31-2020 a male stopped in front of the Wagoner County Courthouse at 0110 hours and placed a pink bandana, a white and black turban, and .22 caliber bullets on the War Memorial out front of the Court House.  The subject also damaged a Courthouse trashcan.  It was unclear of why the subject had placed these items on the memorial or damaged property.  Wagoner County Investigators had no active leads until 02/07/2020.

On 02/06/2020 in the morning hours, Wagoner County Deputies were dispatched to the 7100 Block of South 228th East Avenue in reference to vandalism of a vehicle.  Upon arrival, Deputies J. Carey and C. Talley discovered an unknown suspect had fired multiple rounds from a weapon into vehicles in the driveway.  The victims mailbox had also been damaged.  The deputies completed the report and left the area only to be called back later in the afternoon.  Upon returning from work, the victim discovered that the suspect had returned and caused extensive damage to the vehicle including a busted windshield, broken headlights, and a damaged passenger window.  Due to the ongoing issues, the victim had a camera installed at the residence while deputies were present. 

On 02-07-2020 Deputies were called back to the victims residence in reference to another vandalism.  It was discovered that a suspect had driven by shot and damaged his vehicles again.  Fortunately, the victim had the camera installed and captured the suspect damaging the vehicles.  It was discovered the suspect in the case was the victims stepson, identified as Cameron A. Martin of Broken Arrow.  The suspect had driven by the residence and fired several rounds from a long gun towards the vehicles and residence, knowing people were inside at the time.  Deputies determined that 25 rounds were fired from the moving vehicle.   He was also captured on video the previous evening, damaging a vehicle with a bat.

Wagoner County Deputies and Investigators used this information to quickly track down the suspect at a Papa Johns in the Broken Arrow area.  Assistance was requested from the Broken Arrow Police and a short time later they suspect was in custody until a deputy arrived to transport him.  Cameron A. Martin was taken into custody by deputies and he was transported to the Wagoner County Detention Center without further incident.  He was charged with the following: Malicious Injury or Destruction of Property $1000 or more, Reckless Conduct with a Firearm, Discharging a Firearm into a Dwelling, and Discharging Firearms in Public Place.

Upon being questioned by Investigator B. Noble, it was discovered that the suspect in the shooting was the same subject leaving items on the War Memorial in front of the Wagoner County Courthouse.  When asked why he stated, "that he left the .22lr rounds, bandana, and scarf at the War Memorial in front of the Wagoner County Courthouse because he felt like he was gonna die."  Information was then received on where the weapon used was possibly located.  Deputies located the firearm on property in Broken Arrow in an abandoned vehicle.

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