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Wagoner County crime stats down 30%


Wagoner County has realized a significant decrease in the Index crimes as reported by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations.  The OSBI keeps statistics for the following Index crimes of: Murder, Rape, Robbery, Felonious Assault, Breaking & Entering, Larceny, Motor Vehicle Theft, Arson.


Sheriff Elliott took office in July 0f 2016 as Wagoner County Sheriff.  In 2016 the OSBI reported statistics that reflected the State of Oklahoma experienced 33.61 per 1000 of the state’s population, being reported as a victim of one of the listed index crimes.  During this time Wagoner County experienced 23.11 per 1000 of the county’s population reported being a victim of one of the listed Index crimes, as reported by the OSBI.


The OSBI report reports in 2018 that Wagoner County experienced a significant DECREASE in the Index crimes.  2018 crime report listed that 15.26 per 1000 of the county’s population reported being a victim of one of the Index crimes as reported by the OSBI.  While Wagoner County has historically experienced a lower crime rate the state’s average, a further reduction in the Index crimes is always welcomed.  Sheriff Chris Elliott was very pleased with the latest statistics.  Sheriff Elliott made the following comments to his staff regarding the decrease in the index crimes.


“As law enforcement officials we strive to make the community a better and safer place for us to live in.  The employees of this Sheriff’s Office are a shining example of what hard work, dedication, strong work ethic, and love of their community can do to deter and prevent crime. I believe that employees of this Sheriff’s Office have a strong emotional attachment to the community that they serve.  These statistics illustrates the quality of law enforcement this agency provides to our community. It is a distinct honor for me to have the opportunity to serve with members of the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office.”


Wagoner County’s has a strong economy.  The 2010 Census reported Wagoner County as the 2nd fastest growing county in the state.  The Sheriff’s Office embraces the concept that having a low crime rate, great schools and a strong economy attracts economic growth.  Sheriff Elliott is evaluating what changes in the Sheriff’s Office that have promoted the decrease in the Index Crimes and have identified the following points of interest that he believes are significant.


  • Restructuring the rank and file of the Sheriff’s Office.  Reduction in Command Staff positions.  Transferring those funds allocated to the former Command Staff positions to field deputy and investigator positions in order to increase the number of deputies on patrol and investigators on staff.
  •  Invested in better and more modern equipment for employees.
  • Invest in training and technology for employees making the Sheriff’s Office much more efficient.
  • Implementing structure into operations, offering clear policy and procedures and tactical operations guidelines.
  • Utilizing grants to secure funding for a Violent Crimes Task Force.
  • Utilizing grants to secure funding for an interactive Sheriff’s Office web site.
  • Invest into the training of Frontline Supervisors, field deputies, investigators, and detention officer in order to promote accountability and transparency with the community we serve.  
  • Focus on arresting individuals for illegal drug activity.
  • Parting with all Wagoner County law enforcement agencies. 
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