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Water safety and cellphones


Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott has a valuable message for anyone heading out to the beach or lake this summer. Give your cellphone a rest while you’re on the beach this summer.

The use of cell phones has proven to be dangerous and harmful in a variety of ways. Among other things, using cell phones while driving has lead to an increase in accidents. In addition, a study published in the journal Translational Psychiatry showed that distracted parenting, like looking at a cell phone while caring for a child, can have detrimental effects on that child’s development. Instead of watching their children playing in the water, some parents are sitting on the shore with their heads buried in their phones. This is a tragedy waiting to happen! Parents should have their eyes on their children, not on their screens. Parents need to give children in the water their full attention.

The message is clear, give your children your full attention! No child should be in danger because their parent or guardian is paying more attention to their cell phone than them, especially while kids are swimming! The Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office will be out on Fort Gibson Lake all summer long reminding others of proper boating safety. We hope to see you out there enjoying our beautiful county, watching the kids have a wonderful time, and not staring at a screen.

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