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Wagoner County Deputies assist Muskogee County Sheriff's Office in apprehending Burglary suspect


On 06-19-2022 at 1915 hours, Wagoner County Lieutenant N. Orr received a tip from a patron at the Turnpike Tavern in Coweta on the location of a suspect from a Burglary that had occurred in Muskogee County a few hours earlier.  The victim of the burglary had video surveillance on their residence and had shared it to social media for someone to possibly identify the suspect. 

Wagoner County Deputy M. Mccleod went enroute to the Tavern due to the possibility that the suspect of the burglary could leave the area, further delaying apprehension. Prior to Deputy Mccleod's arrival he confirmed the description of clothing given of the suspect from the burglary in Muskogee County. 

As Deputy Mccleod entered the parking lot of the Tavern Bar, he observed a male matching the description of the burglary suspect standing at the bed of a black lifted Dodge truck. Deputy Mccleod immediately exited his patrol car and began issuing verbal commands to the individual. The suspect ignored Deputy Mccleod and remained talking on a cellphone, completely disregarding all commands given to him. After a brief minute the suspect started to comply with the Deputy Mccleod's orders and was taken into custody without incident.

The suspect was identified as Justin Koff. The Muskogee County Sheriff's Office arrived a short time later and produced a video from the victim depicting the incident which clearly shows Justin Koff wearing the same clothing that he was wearing while committing the Burglary in Muskogee County.  The video produced by Muskogee County Deputies showed the suspect walk onto the porch of a residence, kick the front door open, and enter the residence. Muskogee County Sheriff's Deputies took him into custody at the scene and transported him back to Muskogee County.

The Wagoner County Sheriff's Office worked in conjunction with the Haskell Police Department and the Muskogee County Sheriff's Office to apprehend this suspect.  This shows the power of having video surveillance protecting your residence.  Without the video from the burglary this suspect may have never been apprehended.  Please consider investing in some type of video surveillance for your residence or property.  It is very valuable when these types of incidents occur, and it allows for immediate identification of a suspect. 

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