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Update on Kore Bommeli homicide case


UPDATE***UPDATE**** 08-27-2021

Update on previous case - Kore Bommeli completed a 4-day Preliminary hearing where a judge heard evidence from the state, and cross examination of witnesses from Bommelli's attorney. The judge found substantial evidence to bind Kore Bommelli over for trial on several felony charges, including 1st Degree Murder of Talina Galloway. The trial will be set for a later date.  Additional updates will be provided when available.


Sheriff's Office makes arrest in missing persons case, suspect charged with Murder


On April 17th, 2020, the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office received a report of a missing persons. Talina Galloway was reported missing by her roommate Kore Bommeli. Talina Galloway and Kore Bommeli lived in a lake community area of Wagoner County located on the west side of Fort Gibson Lake.


The Wagoner County Sheriff's immediately launched a missing persons investigation for Talina Galloway. Talina Galloway did not have any immediate family members in the Wagoner County area, so naturally we believed her roommate, Kore Bommeli would be the best source of information of the possible where abouts and habits of Talina Galloway. During this part of the investigation Kore Bommeli was merely a witness and the person reporting.


Throughout the course of this intensive investigation, investigators soon realized that Kore Bommeli exhibited suspicious behavior, gave inconsistent statements, and later was proven to be deceptive in her reporting of the circumstances surrounding the disappearance regarding Kore Bommeli.


Throughout this labor intensive and tedious 9-month investigation, investigators with the Wagoner County Sheriff Offices, executed multiple search warrants in multiple law enforcement jurisdictions. Conducted many interviews on the investigation. Investigators processed multiple possible crime scenes, collected, and preserved trace evidence, collected, and submitted for examination blood and DNA evidence. Timelines were examined, investigated, and verified.

Investigators soon realized that Kore Bommeli knew much more than she was sharing with investigators, and she soon became a "person of interest "in the disappearance of Talina Galloway.


The investigation produced evidence leading investigators to believe that Kore Bommeli possessed direct knowledge of the where-abouts of Talina Galloway. I Kore Bommeli soon broke off communications with investigators, and refused to cooperate further in the investigation, and locating her roommate, Talina Galloway.


On June 8th, 2020, a witness in the area of Polk County Arkansas observed a pickup towing a small, enclosed trailer. The truck and trailer and were observed driving into a secluded area that is adjacent to the Ouachita National Forrest, south of Mena Arkansas. The witness was suspicious of the activity and walked into the area where the witness believed the truck had traveled to. The witness located the truck and trailer and observed that at that time, there was nobody around the vehicle. The witness documented the tag number on the vehicle, and denoted that there was foul odor coming from the trailer, and that there was a foul-smelling thick liquid pooled in the floor of the trailer.

The witness believed that the activity was suspicious, left the area and contacted the Polk County Sheriff's Office to report the suspicious activity. The Polk County Sheriff's did not contact with the witness but did dispatch a deputy to the area to investigate.

The witness, not realizing that the Polk County Sheriff's Office responded, assumed that the situation was resolved and did not press the manner any further. On January 14th, 2021, the same witness was walking in the woods and came upon a white box type freezer with the lid taped shut. The witness reported that there was a foul smell in the area of the freezer. The witness notified the Polk County Sheriff's Office of the discovery and the tag number of the vehicle that she had documented the previous year. That tag number was found to be registered to missing persons, Talina Galloway out of Wagoner County.


Polk County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene and discovered what appeared to be dismembered human remains inside the freezer. Arkansas State Medical Examiner accepted jurisdiction of the remains and took possession of the freezer.

On January 19, 2021 Wagoner County Sheriff's Office investigators received a "tentative report of identification" from the Arkansas State Medical Examiner identifying the human remains as Talina Galloway. Manner of death was identified as "homicide."

Wagoner County Investigators began searching for Kore Bommeli who was currently out on bond from previous Wagoner County of illegal possession of a firearm. Bommeli was believed to be in the area of Dane County, Wisconsin.


Dane County Sheriff's located Kore Bommeli yesterday afternoon and she was arrested without incident. Bommeli is currently in the Dane County Jail, Dane County Wisconsin, awaiting transport back to Wagoner County where she will face charges of Murder in the 1st Degree and Desecration of a Human Corpse.


Sheriff Chris Elliott and would like to acknowledge our appreciation for all the agencies that assisted with this investigation. Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office, District 27, Jack Thorp, Arkansas State Police, Polk County Arkansas Sheriff's Office, Arkansas State Medical Examiner's Office, Dane County Sheriff's Office -Wisconsin, and Heath Underwood - Wagoner County Emergency.

The investigation into the disappearance Talina Galloway was a very tedious and exhaustive investigation. These types of investigations will always test the resolve of any law enforcement investigator. Wagoner County residents can be proud tonight of the dedicated investigators who worked tirelessly to ensure Talina Galloway did not die in vain. Virtually every member of our investigative division worked around the clock, traveling to multiple jurisdictions across multiple states, during a global pandemic, navigating difficult investigative barriers, to solve this terrible crime.


The citizens of Wagoner County are blessed and fortunate to have deputies that have the courage, bravery, and tenacity to endure an investigation as complicated as the Talina Galloway murder. The investigators involved in resolving this case were Investigator J. Weber, Investigator D. Elliott, Investigator B. Noble, and Investigator J. Kelley.


These devoted public servants continue to demonstrate the will and determination of the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office to protect our community, and to put criminals on notice: You will not escape justice in Wagoner County. If you commit a crime in our community, we will hunt you, we will find you, and we will bring you to justice, no matter where you are.  You will not escape justice in Wagoner County.


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