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Scammers using text messages to try to get control of your cellphone


Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott wants citizens to be aware if you are buying something online for the holidays, scammers are now using text messages to try to get control of your cellphone.
If you have already bought a lot of gifts online, you are just now waiting for everything to be shipped. If you are using FedEx or UPS, you can sign up for a service where they send you a text message when your item is on the way. But now scammers are doing the same thing, also sending text messages.
Individuals are receiving messages saying their package was on the way and even offering a link to track where it is. Holiday online shopping may have a record year this year, and it is why scammers are sending fake text messages, claiming to be from shipping companies. They do not know if you have ordered anything, they are just hoping you are in such a rush that you click on the link.
There is a variety of things that can happen once you click the link. In the worst case, you will get infected by something called a malware drive by download, where just by clicking on the link, your phone will get infected with a virus and then they can take control of your phone. Criminals are interested in shopping with your accounts and they may attempt to buy things from accounts that you are logged into on your phone.
A reputable shipping company will use .com or https and not .info or .cn or some other domain. You can also track a package by going to the shipper's website on your own. Also, watch for any misspellings of website addresses. That is also a clue that it is not legitimate.
Always pay attention to what you click on when you get a message. Account numbers, passwords, credit card information, and whatever else is in your phone could be vulnerable to a cyber-attack like this if you are not careful.
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