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Pandemic-Safe Holiday Activities to do with Your Family


Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott knows that as we approach the holiday season, the rapidly worsening pandemic may have you feeling a bit less than optimistic about the possibility of some holiday cheer and fun.  While it is important, we all continue to avoid risky behaviors, there are a good number of outdoor activities that will help you usher in the holidays without putting yourself or your family in danger.  Here are a few ideas to plan and get started on early for the 2020 holiday season.

Holiday light shows

The outdoor tradition involving massive amounts of twinkling lights is perfect for families to enjoy while following COVID-19 precautions. Many of them, can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own car as you drive through elaborately lit holiday scenes.  There are several online sites that will help you find light displays in your area

Drive-in movies

Going to the movies during the holidays is a tradition for many families. While movie theaters have once again begun closing due to low attendance and a lack of new movies to screen, drive-ins are still a safe bet.  All you have to do is reserve your spot, drive up, and tune in to the designated radio station. The site will help you find a drive-in near you.

A Christmas scavenger hunt

If you need to entertain a group of people during the holidays without everyone cramming together indoors, a Christmas scavenger hunt can be a different and engaging activity to introduce this year. has printable scavenger hunt cards and tips for executing the perfect holiday hunt. The list can include ornaments, pictures neighborhood light displays, decorative holiday cookies, and more.

Holiday Name that tune

You must sing your way to holiday victory by singing popular Christmas songs and getting your team to guess them. This game is fun for anyone who loves music but may not be able to sing.  See who can guess popular Christmas songs first in this Christmas name that tune game.

The Gift Game

In this game there are tons of silly gifts wrapped up and then a couple of good ones, like gift cards mixed in. It is a fight to see who can go home with the actual gifts and not a pack of Q-Tips or gum.

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

Instead of sending people around the house chasing Christmas clues, send them around the neighborhood looking for Christmas light instead with a Christmas light scavenger hunt.  Look for things such as wreaths, colors of lights, different displays, ect.  You can make your own list or find one easily online. 

Take home craft kits

There are numerous local area business such as Pinots palette (Broken Arrow) and 4 tons of blessings boutique (Coweta) that sell craft kits that you can complete with the family.

Take home cooking kits

Why not spend the evening cooking a wonderful meal with the family.  Here are a few local area vendors that sell take home cooking kits:  Not your grandmas cupcakes (Cupcakes kit), Andolini's Pizza (Pizza kits), and (cookie kits).  You can find more with a local online search for cooking kits.

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