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Be aware of roadway flooding today


The Wagoner County Sheriff's Office has started receiving calls about flooding roadways in the area. Sheriff Chris Elliott wants you to be aware of any possible problematic area's in Wagoner County that may delay your travel plans. Wagoner County E-911 Dispatch has compiled a list of the areas that have been prone to flooding in the past.

Please use caution when traveling in the following area's after significant rainfall has occurred. Thank you to the Wagoner County Commissioner's and Wagoner County Emergency Management for providing this information to ensure the safety of anyone traveling in Wagoner County. TURN AROUND DON'T DROWN!

District 1 - West Wagoner County
• 51st and 257th (ADAMS CREEK)
• 273RD and 41ST
• 305TH from 11th Street to 71st Street (EAST KENOSHA)

District 2 - East Wagoner County
• East State Highway 51 and 300 Road
• 670 Road (HALL RANCH ROAD) and 280 Road
• 665 Road (DOC HARRIS ROAD) and 270 Road
• 700 Road in between 270 Road and 280 Road
• 690 Road and South 324 Road.

District 3 - West Wagoner County
• East 31ST Street and 257th
• State Highway 51 and 257th
• State Highway 104 and State Highway 51b (STONE'S CORNER)
• East 111TH and 209th (CREEK TURNPIKE)
• 51st and 209th (CREEK TURNPIKE)
• State Highway 72

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