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Deputies / Toppers Firefighter assist man with camping gear


On 05-14-2020 Wagoner County Deputies K-9 Deputy D. Watkins and K. Phillips were called to the Toppers area to check on an individual walking.  Upon arriving deputies made contact with a male subject who advised he wanted to get away from the house for a few days and camp in the area.  They were assisted by Toppers Firefighter J. Watson.  The man had no tent or sleeping bag, so deputies and Firefighter Watson provided him a tent and sleeping bag for him to use.  Deputies advised the man of the upcoming rain that was forecasted and told him to use caution in the case of flash flooding.

On 05-18-2020 Wagoner County K-9 Deputy Watkins was contacted by the mans brother. It was discovered that he had walked about a mile deeper into the woods and set the tent up on a high area. The rain started and he stayed dry in the tent through 4" of rain. Eventually his camping area set up on high ground turned into an island that was a 25ft circle.

The man raised the attention of some anglers in the area and with some help from a couple bow fisherman he was picked up in their boat.  He was safely delivered back to the boat ramp area in Toppers.  The man's brother, whom chose to remain anonymous sent the following message to Deputy Watkins " Again, I can't thank you enough for going the extra mile to help my brother, I don't think he could have endured 4" of rain without that tent. Your thoughtfulness probably saved his life. He is back home with family and they were both really glad to see each other.  He was ready to be back home."

Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott stated "We are relieved that the victim is back at home safe with his family.  I would like to commend Deputy Watkins, Deputy Phillips, and Toppers Firefighter Watson for their compassion and dedication to the citizens of Wagoner County.  Kind acts like these are somewhat contagious and encourage others to do kind acts for others.  I am immensely proud of all 3 men."

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