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Deputies seize dozens of puppies and dogs in animal abuse investigation


04-29-2020 Deputies with the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office shut down an illegal kennel and puppy mill operation after investigators discovered about 65 puppies and dogs caged in their own excrement. The target of the search warrant could permanently lose her right to own animals.
"It's sickening to see helpless creatures trapped in such deplorable conditions," said Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott, "in cages barely large enough to turn around, wading through their own urine and feces. This is no way for any creature to live, and there is no excuse."
An alert investigator responding to a call from a concerned dog rescuer arrived on Sunday at 66099 S. 300 Rd. in Chouteau to talk with Brittany Kuhse about previous charges of animal cruelty. That was when he observed, "multiple open-air makeshift kennels with an estimated number of 50-80 dogs," with no shelter, and food or water in sight.
Upon determining the operation violated animal abuse and neglect law, Investigator Ben Noble obtained a search warrant to determine what was inside multiple other kennels and outbuildings on the property. Deputies executed the search warrant on Wednesday and found about 65 dogs, including about 20 puppies, in cages throughout the property.
"We're working with the district attorney to ensure Ms. Kuhse can never get her hands on another dog," Elliott said upon learning the owner had been charged multiple times with animal cruelty amid similar circumstances.
Since the last time Kuhse was charged and ordered shut down, just six months ago, several mothers gave birth to litters.
Deputies found about 20 puppies nursing on mothers in 4-foot by 4-foot cages, laying in their own waste. On October 16, Kuhse and another party were charged with animal cruelty when they were discovered with 70 dogs in abhorrent conditions."We're grateful to the rescuers who continue to step in and clean up messes like this," said Elliott. "We're comforted to know that all of these animals are in safe and caring hands tonight and will soon be adopted to stable homes."
Workers with Husky Halfway House in Eufaula, Heartland Husky Rescue out of Oklahoma City, Chasing Miracles Animal Rescue in Stigler and BARC Rescue in Broken Arrow helped to remove the dogs and will provide the veterinary care they will need before adopting them to qualified homes.
Kuhse faces multiple charges of animal cruelty and neglect.
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