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Suspect arrested after attempt to break into Wagoner County Deputies patrol unit


On 04-02-2020, Wagoner County dispatch advised a white male dressed in black was attempting to break into a Wagoner County deputies patrol car while it was sitting behind the Sheriff's Office.

Wagoner County Deputies D. Hendricks, C. Talley, and D. Street made contact with the suspect, identified as Joseph Baker and discovered he was trying to break out the window to the patrol unit with a Yeti cup.  When asked why he was doing this the suspect stated that "he was going to take items from the patrol car that intrigued him."  Due to the damage caused to the vehicles window, Wagoner County Deputies arrested the suspect for Malicious Injury to Property and Attempted Burglary.  He was walked into the Wagoner County Detention Center without further incident. 

Upon the suspect entering the Detention Center that suspect stated that he was a veteran of the Armed Forces and was homeless. He further stated he had been in trouble with law enforcement on multiple occasions.  It is suspected that he committed this crime with the intent of being incarcerated to have a place to stay.  Deputy Chris Talley stated to the suspect "If you ever need help finding shelter or a have Mental Health issues you do not have to commit a crime to get assistance.  As Deputies, it is our duty to serve and protect the citizens.  There are multiple resources available to assist in any way and we will always be ready to help."

The Wagoner County Sheriff's Office wants to let any veterans or citizens struggling right now know that help is available.  If you know anyone that may be going through a difficult time, please check out the following links.  The websites will provide information on how to better assist veterans that are having trouble securing a place to stay.



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