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Deputies make arrest in Catoosa


On 12/25/2019 at approximately 0230 hours. Deputy F. Holycross and Deputy T. Fisher conducted a traffic stop in the area of 193rd and Admiral Place in Catoosa. Deputies were in the area working traffic enforcement. Upon speaking to the driver, identified as Paula Ballinger, deputies observed the suspect acting nervously.
When Questioned about her nervous behavior, Ballinger was asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle or on her person at which time, she stated she may have some narcotics in her purse.
A search of Ballingers purse resulted in finding approximately 22.8 grams of crystal methamphetamine that was located inside the purse, concealed in a cigarette box.
Ballinger was arrested and charged with trafficking in methamphetamine 20 grams and the vehicle was seized for forfeiture. The suspect, Ballinger was just released from the Department of Corrections in August of 2019 after serving 18 months for drug Trafficking. The suspect was transported to the Wagoner County Detention Center and booked without incident.
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